Coldplay - Ghost Stories Era

Chris Martin: Often in a dream I get that. I get a recurring dream where we can't quite get the song together and after about 15 minutes people start leaving. And I'm looking at my fingers and I can't remember what to do. It's terrible.
Interviewer: Have you shared this with a therapist?
Chris: Not with a therapist, but with Jonny (Buckland) our guitarist. He's the next best thing. That's his role.


I was downtown tonight and I passed this group of big kinda scary looking guys and all I heard was “are you fucking kidding me? harry potter wouldn’t last 10 minutes in the hunger games.”


Good morning, everyone ! Did you all rest well ₍₍ ᕕ(´ ω` )ᕗ⁾⁾ ♡ ?





When you’re feeling down and out, REAL friends be like


okay but the guy in blue gets up and hold onto the back of the red guys shirt like a small child or perhaps a duckling

We looked at each other a little too long to be ‘just friends’.
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You can decorate absence however you want ― but you’re still going to feel what’s missing.
Siobhan Vivian (via heresay)
I have this theory that the more important & intimate the emotion, the fewer words are required to express it. For instance, in dating. ‘Will you go out with me?’ Six words. ‘I think I care for you.’ Five words. ‘You matter to me.’ Four words. ‘I love you.’ Three words. ‘Marry me.’ Two words. So what’s left? What’s the one most important & intimate word you can ever say to somebody? It’s ‘goodbye.’ — J. Michael Straczynski
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